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More than beautiful wedding photos.
Memories and emotions that remain.

Wedding portraits

Whether it's a free wedding ceremony, a big celebration at the registry office or in the church - with our wedding reportages the full program is included. From getting ready with the bride and groom to the wedding ceremony and the aperitif to the wedding dance in the evening. Important details like the wedding decoration or the wedding dress are also included. We are especially looking forward to the bridal couple photo shoot with you!

In addition to the wedding photos, we also create an emotional wedding film upon request. To preserve your wedding memories forever, we'll also provide you with beautiful custom Fine Art wedding albums that tell your story in a unique way."


The cost of a wedding reportage starts from 3200.- for 8h. Depending on the number of booked hours we accompany you as wedding photographers from Getting Ready in the morning to the wedding dance in the evening.

All final images as JPEG files online via MIANDLA Gallery
All wedding photos without watermark. Full-size.

Small civil weddings, which take place during the week, we also accompany from one (1h) hour. More info →

Fine print:
MIANDLA style processing. Light retouching, color/contrast included. Professional photo retouching and editing at cost.

Discover our latest wedding reportages


Charming wedding with Désirée and Matti in Wädenswil

Désirée and Mattia celebrated their enchanting April wedding, from the civil ceremony in the town hall in Wädenswil to the festive wedding celebration in the decorated barn at Landschi Farm in Küssnacht. A day full of love, hugs and smiling memories.

Wedding at St. Martin's Church in Olten with wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

Princely wedding in St. Martin's Church in Olten with a breathtaking wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

The bride and groom Robin & Reschma said "I do" in the impressive St. Martin Church in Olten. The ceremony at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd was also a real eye-catcher.

Seminar Hotel Bocken in Horgen

Dream wedding at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen

The highlight of this wedding was the authentic outdoor wedding ceremony at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen, where Tamara and Andrin said their "I do's" in front of the Catholic priest and we were allowed to accompany them the entire day - a truly dreamlike wedding!!!

wedding photographer pfäffikon and marina lachen

Wedding photographer for wedding in Päffikon and Lachen with Tamara & Samuel

Beautiful wedding moments of Tamara and Samuel in Pfäffikon SZ. From the "first look" at the former Luegete restaurant to the festive wedding ceremony in the castle church - every moment captured in beautiful wedding photos.

Marriage at Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon

Marriage at Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon with Jenny and Sandeep

Weddings are always special, but there are moments that are simply unforgettable. Jenny and Sandeep's wedding at the Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon was undoubtedly one of those memorable celebrations.

reformed church in Kilchberg and Belvoir

Beautiful wedding of Patrizia and Tobias in Kilchberg and Rüschlikon

Wedding of Patrizia and Tobias from getting ready to the wedding dance at Belvoir. The wedding ceremony took place in the reformed church in Kilchberg. As a surprise, instead of a wedding cake, there was a noble sip of Williamsbrand from the distillery Urs Hecht in Gunzwil.

Wedding in Wattwil

Wedding reportage with Kim and Fabian in Wattwil and Neckertal

Beautiful wedding with Kim and Fabian at the beginning of October in the Neckertal and Wattwil region. A special highlight was that it rained so hard in the morning that we had to move unceremoniously into a barn for the "First Look".

Wedding reformed church Kilchberg

Beautiful wedding in the reformed church Kilchberg

Céline and Christian celebrated their wedding ceremony in the Reformed Church in Kilchberg. The bride and groom photo shoot took place on a private jetty at Halbinsel Au on Lake Zurich. Afterwards, they went to the Restaurant Rössli in Hurden for the wedding reception.

Wedding photographer Casino Zug

As wedding photographers in Zug for Vi & Angelo

The grandiose Vietnamese wedding with over 300 guests in Zug, accompanied by us as wedding photographers, was a truly unforgettable experience. Despite the rain, we started with a First Look and a short photo shoot in Stansstad.

Open Air Wedding Belvoirpark

Open Air Wedding Ceremony at Belvoirpark in Zurich

Belvoirpark in Zurich is a beautiful place for bride and groom photography as well as open-air wedding ceremonies. The neighboring restaurant Belvoir can also be used for the celebration.

Cambodian wedding

Cambodian wedding celebration in Switzerland

We love to get to know other cultures. Last year - even before Corona - we were able to experience and accompany a Cambodian wedding. It is strictly not 100% Cambodian, but Claudia and Ratana incorporated many elements from Ratana's Cambodian culture into their ceremony and wedding feast.

Wedding photos Lake Walen

Wedding party of Fabienne & Dominik in the Sagibeiz in Murg

The beautiful wedding photos of Fabienne and Dominik were taken at different locations: at the lido Murg at the Walensee, at the castle Rapperswil and at the Enea garden in Jona.

featured offers

Civil wedding bride and groom
Civil wedding photo shoot

Your civil wedding ceremony, captured forever.

Civil wedding

Our offer for civil wedding reportages includes short reportages especially for the special moment of the civil wedding ceremony. Because this moment also deserves to be captured on beautiful wedding photos. We will make sure that you can capture these unforgettable memories forever in vivid pictures.

videographer wedding video
videographer wedding video

Your wedding as a moving picture.

Wedding video

The wedding video perfectly complements the wedding pictures and tells your unique story in moving pictures. We create the video parallel to the wedding reportage to capture even the small, special moments.

Fine Art Wedding Album
fine art wedding album

Fine Art Wedding Albums

Wedding albums

Our beautiful, high-quality photo and wedding albums provide the perfect setting for your wedding pictures. Individually handcrafted, they can be personalized to your liking. As unique as your love, so you can relive your memories over and over again.

After Wedding Shooting Mountains
After Wedding Wedding Shooting

The bride and groom shooting in the best light

After Wedding Shooting

Slip once again into the wedding dresses and take beautiful souvenir photos? Without the stress of the actual day? That's what the After Wedding Shooting is for.


How much does a wedding photographer cost in one day?

The cost of a wedding reportage up to 8h on a Saturday usually start at 3200.- CHF. Depending on the number of hours we accompany you as wedding photographers from Getting Ready in the morning to the wedding dance in the evening. Included are all final wedding pictures (JPEG, edited in our style) for your free use (without watermark, no "buy free"). For small civil weddings that take place during the week, we have created a separate page where you can find all our offers and the appropriate contact form directly.

When should we request / book a wedding photographer?

We recommend that you request the wedding photographer of your choice as early as possible, as popular dates are already booked many months in advance.

For dates during the week or even for winter weddings, the situation is of course more relaxed. For weddings abroad, a request can not be made early enough, since these escorts are usually associated with several days of travel for us.

Why is a preliminary discussion important?

For perfect wedding photos, the chemistry between the bride and groom and the wedding photographer must be right. The wedding photographer will accompany you throughout the day and, depending on the situation, will get a deep insight into your private life and that of your family. He/she becomes a part of your wedding. Mutual sympathy is therefore important. In a personal conversation you will quickly find out. Questions and wishes for the photographer will also find their place there. After all, everything should already be settled and said at the wedding itself. Therefore: So that everything runs smoothly at your wedding, a personal conversation is of great advantage.

How much time do we need for the bridal couple photos?

The beautiful wedding pictures of the bride and gro om are one of the highlights of the wedding day for us as wedding photographers. These pictures will give you great pleasure for years to come. For this to succeed, it needs enough time for the shooting. After all, no "model" has ever fallen from the sky. One hour is the minimum; two hours are ideal for a stress-free shoot. Please plan enough time for it as early as possible.

When is the best time for bride and groom photos?

The best time for the wedding pictures is when the light is at its best. So in the evening, 1-2 hours before sunset. But often it is not possible to create the bridal couple photos in the evening due to time constraints. Therefore, we often split it: in the morning before the ceremony enough time for the main images, and in the evening before sunset we still build a few minutes for beautiful mood images with the bride and groom.

How many wedding photos do we receive?

With us there is no upper or lower limit of photos. The effective number depends not only on the length of the wedding reportage, but also on how many program points your wedding day contains or how many guests. According to our experience, for 8 hours of wedding reportage we will provide you with approximately 400 - 500 photos including bride and groom shooting. For a full-day wedding reportage it is often between 600 - 700 wedding photos.

Will our wedding photos be edited?

Yes, all our images are first carefully selected and then edited or digitally developed. This gives them our own look and style. By processing we mean checking and adjusting contrast, color, exposure and other parameters that arise during the digital development and highlight our style. After this process we create a pool of images which we call "final images/photos". Complex image manipulations such as retouching etc. are not included and are usually not necessary, but we offer them as an additional option.

How do we get the wedding photos?

You will receive the final photos in digital form without watermarks as individual JPEG files which you can easily download from our online gallery. So that you do not have to wait too long for the wedding photos, we will send you an email with the information. Optionally, you can also order your beautiful wedding photos on a USB stick.

Is there an online gallery for the guests?

All wedding photos you will also get as an online gallery with a separate access for your guests, so you do not have to pass the photo album around half the relatives. The gallery is password protected, you will receive the password as soon as we have given you the photos.

Tip: Print the link with password directly on your thank you card.

How quickly do we receive the photos?

After the work is done on your wedding day, we go into the digital darkroom and sift through or edit your photos. Depending on the length of your wedding reportage, this may take some time. Usually you will receive your wedding pictures within 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

Are the wedding pictures delivered without logo?

Yes, you will get our wedding photos without watermark or our logo. We want you to enjoy your beautiful wedding photos without any logo. Only the photos that will be shown online to your guests in the online gallery will have the logo as a security element.