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The art of capturing that one moment. Forever.
Wedding photography

We are your wedding photographers for authentic wedding photos and modern wedding reportages throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Your wedding story in emotional wedding photos

Your wedding deserves more than just stale and boring photos. We want to inspire you and your guests with vibrant and emotional images. As wedding photographers with a focus on fine art, we work in a photojournalistic style and often capture from an observer's perspective. With years of experience photographing over 350 weddings, we know when to be the center of attention and when to stay more in the background. The images we capture in this way tell the story of your most beautiful day and preserve unforgettable moments forever.

We want brides and grooms who share our passion for beautiful wedding photography and are willing to invest in the memories of their big day. We want to be a part of your wedding celebration and join in the excitement with your wedding guests as you walk down the aisle as a bride and groom.

Let's tell your story together in a unique way and preserve it forever.

Wedding photos
Wedding coverage

Your love story told in pictures.

Wedding portraits

Our full-day wedding coverage tells the story of your wedding in emotional and vivid images - from the preparations in the morning to the romantic wedding dance in the evening. Our wedding photos capture the beautiful and authentic memories of your special day and ensure that you will cherish them forever."

Civil wedding bride and groom
Civil wedding photo shoot

Your civil wedding ceremony, captured forever.

Civil wedding

Our offer for civil wedding reportages includes short reportages especially for the special moment of the civil wedding ceremony. Because this moment also deserves to be captured on beautiful wedding photos. We will make sure that you can capture these unforgettable memories forever in vivid pictures.

videographer wedding video
videographer wedding video

Your wedding as a moving picture.

Wedding video

The wedding video perfectly complements the wedding pictures and tells your unique story in moving pictures. We create the video parallel to the wedding reportage to capture even the small, special moments.

Fine Art Wedding Album
fine art wedding album

Fine Art Wedding Albums

Wedding albums

Our beautiful, high-quality photo and wedding albums provide the perfect setting for your wedding pictures. Individually handcrafted, they can be personalized to your liking. As unique as your love, so you can relive your memories over and over again.

After Wedding Shooting Mountains
After Wedding Wedding Shooting

The bride and groom shooting in the best light

After Wedding Shooting

Slip once again into the wedding dresses and take beautiful souvenir photos? Without the stress of the actual day? That's what the After Wedding Shooting is for.

Fine Art Wedding Photos by Miandla

What makes us your wedding photographers?

We believe a wedding photo doesn't have to be technically flawless to be perfect, it's the right moment that counts. The celebration of joy should be fun. You can see that in our photos. The most beautiful moment for us is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time or the tears of joy when they say "I do". A wedding is one of the highlights of a love story between two people. What can be more beautiful to capture these real emotions forever? This is exactly what fascinates us about wedding photography. Our wedding photos should capture these moments and preserve them for you and posterity.

Also wedding photographers abroad

Our work as wedding photographers has taken us all over Switzerland as well as abroad. Whether a small romantic wedding in the beautiful Swiss mountains, Tuscany or Spain. We are always happy to discover new places and try new things.

We are also privately often abroad on the road, so just ask us - maybe we are anyway in the area!

Wedding photography is the art of capturing that one, perfect moment. Forever.

Discover our latest wedding reportages

Getting married at the GDI

Getting married at the GDI in Rüschlikon - a wonderful wedding day with Marina & David

Marina & David had a magical wedding day, starting with getting ready at home. The drive in a Rolls Royce to the GDI Rüschlikon completed the happiness. The terrace of the GDI provided a picturesque backdrop for group photos, followed by an inviting party in the festively decorated hall.

Wedding at St. Martin's Church in Olten with wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

Princely wedding in St. Martin's Church in Olten with a breathtaking wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

The bride and groom Robin & Reschma said "I do" in the impressive St. Martin Church in Olten. The ceremony at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd was also a real eye-catcher.

Seminar Hotel Bocken in Horgen

Dream wedding at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen

The highlight of this wedding was the authentic outdoor wedding ceremony at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen, where Tamara and Andrin said their "I do's" in front of the Catholic priest and we were allowed to accompany them the entire day - a truly dreamlike wedding!!!

wedding photographer pfäffikon and marina lachen

Wedding photographer for wedding in Päffikon and Lachen with Tamara & Samuel

Beautiful wedding moments of Tamara and Samuel in Pfäffikon SZ. From the "first look" at the former Luegete restaurant to the festive wedding ceremony in the castle church - every moment captured in beautiful wedding photos.

civil wedding Waldegg Castle

Civil wedding: Wedding photographer at Waldegg Castle

Discover an intimate civil wedding at the majestic Waldegg Castle in May with Reschma and Robin. The royal atmosphere of the castle and the family's warm reception committee added a special glow to the yes-word.

Wedding photographer at Stadthaus Zurich

Wedding photographer at Stadthaus Zurich with Fabienne & Neil

The intimate Zurich wedding of Fabienne & Neil through the lens of a wedding photographer - from the nostalgic first look to the heartfelt wedding ceremony at Stadthaus Zurich. The pictures tell the story of the wedding in a small setting and during a relaxed aperitif in the Milchbar.

After wedding photo shoot in winter

Magical after wedding photo shoot in Frauenfeld in winter

In the depths of winter, we experienced an unforgettable after-wedding photo shoot in the picturesque setting of Frauenfeld with the enchanting bridal couple Saskia and Jack.

Wedding photographer registry office Adliswil

Civil wedding at the registry office Adliswil with Sandra & Jerry

A simple but elegant civil wedding of Jerry & Sandra at the registry office in Adliswil.

Marriage at Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon

Marriage at Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon with Jenny and Sandeep

Weddings are always special, but there are moments that are simply unforgettable. Jenny and Sandeep's wedding at the Hotel Belvoir Rüschlikon was undoubtedly one of those memorable celebrations.

reformed church in Kilchberg and Belvoir

Beautiful wedding of Patrizia and Tobias in Kilchberg and Rüschlikon

Wedding of Patrizia and Tobias from getting ready to the wedding dance at Belvoir. The wedding ceremony took place in the reformed church in Kilchberg. As a surprise, instead of a wedding cake, there was a noble sip of Williamsbrand from the distillery Urs Hecht in Gunzwil.

Wedding Lauerz and Arth in Schwyz

Church wedding in Lauerz and Arth with Sarah & Michael

Beautiful church wedding with Sarah and Michael in the church Lauerz followed by a wedding party at the Horseshoe in Arth

Wedding in Wattwil

Wedding reportage with Kim and Fabian in Wattwil and Neckertal

Beautiful wedding with Kim and Fabian at the beginning of October in the Neckertal and Wattwil region. A special highlight was that it rained so hard in the morning that we had to move unceremoniously into a barn for the "First Look".