Miandla Photography Team

We are Miandla, People & Wedding Photographers

A few words about us and our work as a photographer

We are Michael, Larisa and Mara, three uncomplicated and likeable photographers and always in a good mood. We live in Wädenswil but work as photographers all over Switzerland and in nearby countries. Especially the all-day wedding reportages, which we always photograph as a team, have it very much to us. We love to capture your special moments and emotions in pictures. The same goes for our photo shoots. We especially love photographing couples in love or young families. Our passion for photography and the knowledge that we can bring joy to others with our photos is what motivates us the most.

The story of how we became wedding photographers

We have always shared a passion for photography. Already in 2005 Michael has accompanied several weddings as a wedding photographer and since 2009 Michael and Larisa are on the road as a photographer couple throughout Switzerland as wedding photographers. In 2017 we were allowed to accompany the first wedding abroad - more precisely in Spain. In 2018, we have made ourselves 100% independent and founded a GmbH. The Miandla Media GmbH. Since August 2022 Mara strengthens our team as a photographer and brings fresh wind in our work.

Our photostyle: pure emotions!

We maintain a cheerful, bright, fine art style. It is very important to us to capture the emotions and mood. This is true for photo shoots as well as wedding photos. Our style is sometimes a little playful, often a little romantic. Whenever possible, we work with wide open aperture. We love to highlight things and emotions through blur to set accents. It is important to us that your photos look natural and will give you pleasure for a long time. The pictures do not have to be technically perfect, but should capture the emotions and have a timeless effect. We also pay attention to this when editing the images.

Larisa Auer - photographer

Wedding photographer Larisa

Larisa is the heart of our work and a family man. Her ideas and creations are always inspiring. Especially when Larisa wants to rearrange the furniture at home again, but Michael actually likes it the way it is. She loves everything that has to do with interior design, decoration and beautiful flowers. She also takes care of editing all the photos. She is a very creative wedding photographer with a great eye for details and aesthetics.

Michael Auer - Photographer

Wedding photographer Michael

Michael is a bit of a technology freak. When he gets his hands on something new, he doesn't put it down until he knows exactly what you can do with it. There are always exciting discussions between Michael and Larisa, why Michael absolutely must have a new camera now or why not :-) When he's not holding a camera or working as a wedding photographer, he works as a freelance interaction and user experience designer.

Mara Nasti - photographer

Wedding photographer Mara

Mara has a heart for people and manages to put people in the best light with her sensitive nature. Mara loves to breathe life into a canvas with a picture or to play a few sounds on her guitar. She is a cheerful person, humorous and always up for a joke - and when her mouth is a little too quick, it becomes especially funny. Her former profession as a hairdresser and her eye for aesthetics make her the perfect photographer.