Wedding at St. Martin's Church in Olten with wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd
St. Martin in Olten & Ballyhouse

Princely wedding in St. Martin's Church in Olten with a breathtaking wedding reception at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

The two lovers, Robin & Reschma, got married in the impressive and beautiful St. Martin Church in Olten. It was fascinating to see how the yellow-toned interior paintings of the church gave the photos a regal visual style. The ceremony at the Ballyhouse event location in Schönenwerd was also a real eye-catcher.

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Princely wedding party at the Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

After the wedding ceremony, we traveled to the legendary Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd. The newly married couple Reschma & Robin celebrated their party at the Ballyhouse, which can accommodate up to 300 guests. The direct access to the outdoor area is ideal for creative photo shoots in the middle of the beautiful Bally Park. After the wedding ceremony, the guests enjoyed an aperitif outside the Ballyhouse, surrounded by the Aare and the vast and beautiful natural landscape, with its ponds, bridges and green reeds.


The Ballyhouse venue in Schönenwerd was awarded 1st place as the most beautiful wedding venue in Switzerland in 2017. An event house with a lot of charm, which was completed in 1936 and was used for catering for Bally shoe employees at the time. A historic house in the style of a country house. Today, the Ballyhouse Eventlocation am Park is used for weddings in the middle of the idyllic Ballypark.

Ballypark Schönenwerd

The beautiful Ballypark is huge and is surrounded by ponds, the Aare, bridges and wonderful green nature, which provides a backdrop for dreamlike shooting moments.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin in Olten

The breathtakingly beautiful St. Martin's Church in Olten has been one of the most beautiful and striking buildings in the tri-city of Olten in the canton of Solorhurt for over a century. The exterior stone construction of the church makes every wedding look princely. The service was conducted by two different priests, a Roman Catholic priest and an Indian priest.

For us as wedding photographers, this wedding was simply breathtaking and legendary.

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Church: St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church in Olten

Wedding reception: Ballyhouse in Schönenwerd

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