reformed church in Kilchberg and Belvoir
Kilchberg & Rüschlikon

Beautiful wedding of Patrizia and Tobias in Kilchberg and Rüschlikon

We accompanied Patrizia and Tobias from getting ready to the wedding dance at Hotel Belvoir. The wedding ceremony took place in the reformed church in Kilchberg. The photo shoot in the Bellvoirpark and the sparkling wedding dance by the bride and groom with sparklers were special highlights. As a surprise, instead of a wedding cake, there was a noble sip of Williamsbrand from the distillery Urs Hecht in Gunzwil for all wedding guests.

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Wedding in the reformed church in Kilchberg

It was a great honor for us to accompany the bride and groom Patrizia and Tobias from the preparations to the wedding dance in the evening at Belvoir as wedding photographers. Patrizia and Tobias met us at the wedding of Vivienne and Jeremia, where Patrizia was the maid of honor of the bride. Accordingly, we were almost a well-rehearsed team.

While Tobias was getting ready at Jeremiah's house, Patrizia was getting ready for the big day in her own four walls. The festive wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful Reformed Church in Kilchberg, overlooking the picturesque Lake Zurich.

After the moving wedding ceremony, the guests enjoyed a lavish aperitif in the Kirchgemeindehaus. This proved to be the ideal choice for a larger number of guests, as it offered sufficient space in the spacious multi-purpose hall even in bad weather.

Wedding celebration at the Hotel Belvoir in Rüschlikon

Afterwards, the guests went to the Restaurant & Hotel Belvoir, where they were warmly welcomed with an aperitif in the lounge.

While the guests arrived at the hotel, we used the time to do a magical photo shoot with the bride and groom in Bellvoirpark Zurich. This enchanting park offers an ideal backdrop for beautiful wedding photos at virtually any time of year. After the photo shoot, the bride and groom were welcomed with a trellis as a surprise in front of the wedding venue at Belvoir.

An absolute highlight is always the wedding dance of the bride and groom in the evening. For Patrizia and Tobias, this was accompanied by sparkling sparklers. The guests formed a semicircle and bathed the scene in a romantic light.

As a surprise for the wedding party, instead of a classic wedding cake, there was a noble sip of Williams brandy from the renowned distillery Urs Hecht in Gunzwil. A sumptuous dessert buffet rounded off the evening, with each wedding guest finding his or her own personal treats.

Thank you, dear Patrizia, dear Tobias, we were allowed to accompany your beautiful wedding as wedding photographers!

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Wedding Details:

Church: Kilchberg Reformed Church

Wedding party: Hotel Belvoir, Rüschlikon

Photo shoot: Belvoirpark, Zurich

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