Baby bump shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting
Baby bump shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting in studio
Baby bump shooting in studio
Baby bump shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting
Baby bump shooting in studio
Pregnancy shooting
Your memories of special moments...

Pregnancy & baby bump photoshoot

How can we love someone we have never met? How can we wait for someone we have never seen? A baby growing in the womb, two hearts beating as one. That is called the "miracle of life.

Being pregnant is as exhausting as it is beautiful. A woman's body goes through many changes, it's not sunshine and rainbows all the time. It is scary and we feel insecure and responsible for another life. But day by day the miracle inside the womb grows and the great love overcomes every fear.

We love to capture those special moments of pregnancy and create a beautiful memory. This includes a baby bump shoot.

It is the beginning of your baby's life and the beginning of motherhood.

Our offers

Pregnancy photo shoot
No. of photos: 20 photos edited (+ 10.- CHF/per additional photo)
1-2 outfits possible
Images as JPEG files online via MIANDLA-Gallery
Without watermark, full-size.

Shooting in the Miandla studio from CHF 350.-
Outdoor shooting from CHF 550.-

Fine print:
MIANDLA style processing. Light retouching, color/contrast included. Professional photo retouching and editing at cost.

Discover our latest photo shoots

After Wedding Shootings on Klöntalersee

Wedding photographer: After Wedding Shooting on Klöntalersee

Breathtaking pictures from after wedding photoshoot at Klöntalersee in the beautiful Glarus Alps

After Wedding Wedding Photos in Nidwalden

After Wedding Wedding Photos in Nidwalden

Due to the bad weather on Vi and Angelo's wedding day, we had to plan an after-wedding shoot without further ado. Together we decided on Stansstaad in Nidwalden, where we could capture beautiful memories for the bride and groom in nicer weather.

Autumn family shooting

Family photos with Lau family in autumn

Autumn provides fantastic backdrops for family photos. Last year, we had the pleasure of accompanying the Lau family on such a shoot. A sunny day in October let the autumnal landscape shine and offered ideal conditions for photographing.

Engagement shooting

Engagement shooting at Horgen mountain pond Wädenswil

Samir and Nesrin did their engagement shoot at the idyllic Horgen mountain pond near Wädenswil. The perfect forest path and the green surroundings created an enchanting backdrop for the couple in love.

Family shooting Wädenswil outdoor confessionals

Family photo shooting in the Beicheln in Wädenswil

As photographers, we love capturing unique family moments. Children grow up fast. That's why you need to create time and space to capture those moments of family life soon, before they fade away.

Family photo shoot in studio young family

Annina and family visiting us in the studio

We were able to photograph this great family at the beginning of this summer. Although it was raining and relatively dark, we were able to create beautiful memories and capture some great candid shots in our studio.

After Wedding Photoshoot Walensee

After Wedding Shooting on Lake Walen

After Wedding photoshoot with Catherine & Thomas at Lake Walen just before sunset with a spontaneous trip to the Pax Monument.

After Wedding Photoshoot Valencia

After Wedding Photoshoot in Valencia

After Wedding photoshoot at Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia, Spain

Photo shooting in Weesen, Lake Walen

Photo shooting on the Walensee in Weesen

We ourselves are enthusiastic about the climate and vegetation of Lake Walen and are often there in our free time. Therefore, the photo shoot with Andrea & Davide was like a little trip with friends.

Family photoshoot by the sea

Family photoshoot in Spain by the sea

Beautiful family photo shoot right by the sea with Nina and Adi's family