After Wedding Shootings on Klöntalersee

Wedding photographer: After Wedding Shooting on Klöntalersee

The good thing about an After Wedding Shooting is, you can very well carry out outside the wedding day and determine the exact time of day. As with Corina & Philipp, who have chosen the beautiful Klöntalersee as the perfect backdrop for their shooting including a small first look!

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After Wedding Shooting in the mountains on Klöntalersee

An after wedding shoot is the perfect opportunity to capture the magic of your wedding day on another day. Corina and Philipp took this opportunity to catch the best rays of sunshine at the picturesque Köntalersee in Switzerland and enjoy a stunning atmosphere as the sun slowly disappeared behind the mountains, filling their photos with a magical flair. For breathtaking backdrops and unforgettable moments, after wedding shoots are definitely a great idea! As wedding photographers, we are excited about this option to capture the most beautiful memories of your wedding in a unique way.

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